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One month ago…

One month ago today, we were shooting the very first campaign pictures for LOBELUNE. 
I couldn’t have wished for a better day - or a better team.

Everything might very well have gone wrong though….

As if shooting jewelry on a grown model wasn’t challenging enough, I chose to work with a 4 month-old baby who hadn’t napped all day and a 5-year old girl as well. We were supposed to shoot in daylight, but outside it was dark and cloudy!

Fortunately, the models were super professional and the whole team really made an extra effort and nailed it! For that, I am forever grateful!

I really hope that you like the result which you can see on my website. Here is a little ‘behind the scenes’ picture and a video for you :-)


LOBELUNE Photoshoot model
Lobelune Photoshoot childLobelune Photoshoot child

Lobelune Photoshoot Model



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