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A tale about LOBELUNE

The roots of Lobelune are deeply immersed in Scandinavian traditions, serving my wish to design exclusive, striking jewelry that will be cherished across and beyond generations. 


For as long as I can remember, the allure of nature and design has captivated me and induced me with happiness. My objective is to create jewelry that lasts from cradle to grave: small pendants for infants, larger pendants for new mothers, or distinctive earrings for women who appreciate exquisite quality and beauty.


Lobelune is the product of my lifelong love of jewelry, design and beauty.

Name and logo

In 1976, the year before I was born, my father discovered and named a single-celled sea creature while completing his PhD in geology. He called the animal Lobifera - “the one who bears lobes”.


A Lobe is a kind of pendant, and because my first collection revolves around pendants and sea creatures, I decided to name my brand Lobelune.


The logo is inspired by the tiny, single-celled Lobifera, but has since taken on its own distinct shape to become the signature of Lobelune.


The Collection

The first collection, Oceania, is inspired by life at the bottom of the sea.


In Denmark, the ocean is always close by – we collect shells, admire marine life and breathe the salty air. Yet, as the grey and rainy days most often outnumber the bright days, we yearn for warmth and sunlight. 


Thankfully, nature has its own way of handing us great beauty in colorful gemstones and wondrous creatures, and thus inspired, I have launched a collection of dear little sea creatures embellished with colorful sapphires and shimmering diamonds that spark memories of bright, endless days and the childish delight in finding a small starfish or some other treasure on the shore.



Inspiration, grandmother & Georg Jensen

Both my maternal great grandparents were artists. My great grandmother, Tabita Schwenn, created large, colourful paintings and was a trained silver and goldsmith, working for the renowned Danish silversmith and designer, Georg Jensen from 1907-1911.


Much of Tabita’s jewelry has been passed on from my grandmother to my mother and her four siblings. Tabita’s countless colorful paintings adorn my walls as well as those of my cousins and their parents. The bright colors and humorous expression of her works have followed me throughout my life – and I have always been inspired by tales of this fascinating, powerful woman who have left us such a palpable legacy.


My talented cousin, Kitt Schwenn, has joined me and is responsible for the artwork for the collection. Kitt is an artist and print designer and has interpreted some of my sea creatures and combined them with hues of Scandinavian nature and some specially selected colors, our grandmother, Tabita, used in her art.



The Mother and Child Concept

The LOBELUNE mother and child jewelry was conjured out of equal parts inspiration and irritation:


Irritation because I found it difficult to find fitting maternity and christening gifts and pretty mother and child jewelry that was tasteful not tacky. Inspiration, because I really wanted to create jewelry that epitomizes the unique bond between mother and child. I believe I have succeeded in doing so by creating pretty charm and pendant designs that appeal to adults, while their smaller counterparts are cuter and invoke the interest of small children.


I have wanted to create jewelry that is beautiful but also versatile and easy to use. A pendant is available in several sizes, allowing you to wear one on a necklace and a similar smaller pendant on a bracelet. You may also wear your daughter’s smaller pendant around your neck until she is old enough to use it herself.


It is possible to alter the expression of selected pendants by selecting either a classic diamond or a pink sapphire.



Founder & Designer

My journey to where I am today has been long. I have worked in PR and marketing and with communication and branding in the fashion and lifestyle industries for many years. This has allowed me to collaborate with many of the most talented and creative designers and companies.


Through LOBELUNE I help people give special and valuable gifts – figuratively speaking as well. I want to create timeless designs and jewelry that accentuates the beauty of the bearer.


Other than that, I am happily married with two lovely children. And eternally grateful for my friends and family.


Please welcome my third baby; LOBELUNE into the world. I hope you will make my jewelry your own.



Julie Tabita Rosenkrands

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