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Earring Gold Tanzanite
Earring Gold Tanzanite
Earring Gold Tanzanite

Raindrop earring - single


Material: Gold

Size: L


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This gorgeous ear stick is a perfect pick if you want to go classic with a twist.

The pear cut is a classic gemstone cut but not the traditional choice for earrings. the light three legged gold setting lets the light shine through the gemstone making the most of the color.

This version has a Tanzanite which is a very rare and beautiful gemstone in the most magical color and is 0,667 carat.

NOTE! When shopping this item, you buy one earring. Go to pairs if you want to buy a pair of earrings.

The Raindrop earring can be used alone or in pairs and also comes with Amethyst, Topaz and Diamond (prices will vary).

This earring is a part of the "In the Sky-collection".

Raindrop earring - single

Raindrop earring - single


1 pcs.

1.900,00 DKK


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