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Thoughts on sustainability…

Lasting jewelry
LOBELUNES intent is to refrain from producing more goods merely for the sake of producing. I want to create items, meant to last for season upon season.

This is why my jewelry is never on sale. I will create new collections as the need arises and the pendants I create for mothers and children will remain classics that will be available for years to come.

Gold rather than gilding
I have made the conscious decision not to gild my jewelry. Rather, I create jewelry exclusively fashioned in solid gold.

I do so because the gilding process is very pollutive, and because I believe that the more precious their jewelry is both literally and figuratively, the better people care for it. LOBELUNE equals lasting, durable products.

Our gemstones
Our manufacturer is committed to the Kimberly Process in their diamond sourcing, and they only collaborate with diamond sight holders who provide proof of their commitment in writing.

We dissociate from the use of blood diamonds. All our gems and diamonds are hand-sorted and the staff includes GIA trained Gemologists & Diamond Experts. 

The boxes
We have made an effort to design tasteful boxes that are both beautiful and useful. I hope and believe that this means the boxes will be used for years to come rather than be thrown away.

LOBELUNE is not perfect and packaging and transportation does pollute, but perhaps you can reuse the packaging? I know my grandmother and mother did, and so do I.

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